Your very own Japanese Animal Crossing Edition 3DS XL!

Well…not quite.

As most of you know by now, I’m a pretty big AC fan.

Just like many of you, I squee’d my little heart out when I saw the Japan-exclusive Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundle. Knowing that the device is region-locked (and very expensive), I decided against buying it. Still, I wish we had that design available in North America! Grrr, amirite? I thought I was doomed to lust after that 3DS for all eternity…

Then, as I browsed the GelaSkins website, I had an idea. The site has skins available for the new 3DS XL. Additionally, they allow you to upload your own design. BING! Why don’t I make a design based on the Japanese version and print a skin to fit over my 3DS XL? Annnnd that’s exactly what I did.

Now, keep in mind, the skin won’t look exactly like the Japanese 3DS as it’s of my creation (read: has some flaws) and you’ll still be able to see some small seams here and there. Furthermore, the interior of the Japanese 3DS is white, and I believe that the North American ones are not. So if you want something similar, you’ll have to upload a plain white JPG for the interior portion of the skin design. Personally, I find the contrast between the white interior skin and the black buttons to be too jarring but if it’s your vibe, go for it!

So without further ado, here is the JPG file I created to make my fake Japanese Animal Crossing Jump Out/New Leaf skin.

It’s a good resolution, and should print well, at least according to GelaSkin guidelines. Of course, you can use this file on any website that prints custom 3DS XL skins. I went with GelaSkin because they have a warehouse in Toronto and so shipping is reasonable. They have a simple creation wizard, where you can just upload the file, and place it to your liking on a mockup of the device. Then, enter your billing info, and you’re done!

Enjoy your new skin! :3

Legal stuff:

I did wonder, at first, whether or not I should be doing this. For starters, the Animal Crossing design doesn’t belong to me, nor do I claim it to be. But then, I created this piece from scratch, with inspiration from the original design, which to me makes it no different than fan art. The design isn’t identical to the original, that’s for sure. I banged it out in 20 minutes on my computer. The little houses in mine are kind of crooked and the circles aren’t adorably imperfect like those on the Nintendo version. Secondly, I’m not selling or making any money with this design, I’m simply spreading it to the masses because well, we aren’t getting the Animal Crossing 3DS, are we? Thirdly, if people want a 3DS XL, they’re going to buy one, regardless of the distribution of this skin design.

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